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mastering bedtime
a parent workshop on independent sleep

  • Did you have an amazing sleeper who now won't go to sleep before 10:00 pm?

  • Do you wish the bedtime routine was calm, relaxing, and less stressful for everyone?

  • Does your child wake up multiple times during the night and need help to fall back to sleep?

  • Does your child only fall asleep with assistance or certain conditions?

  • Do you long for more sleep for you and your little one?

  • Do the sleep training methods you used when your child was an infant no longer work?

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This workshop is perfect for you if you answered yes to any of the questions above, your child is between the ages 2-8 years, and your child sleeps in a bed or is ready to transition out of the crib into a bed. Don't worry if your child is still in a crib, a workshop specifically for you and your family will be coming soon!

what's included

  • In this workshop, you'll learn effective techniques to help your child prepare for bedtime without the struggle of constant interruptions and stall tactics.

  • You'll receive an age-appropriate sleep plan to address your current sleep challenges as well as a step by step discussion on how to implement the plan with success.

  • You'll receive resources to guide your child in achieving independent sleep at bedtime and through the night, allowing everyone to become well rested.

  • You'll learn what to do during the day and at bedtime to build confidence in your child, foster connection, and reduce fears.


Our workshop presents approaches centered on emotional safety and connection rather than fear, cry-it-out, locking the door, consequences and reward charts, which will assist your child in achieving independent sleep and, in turn, allow everyone to become connected and well rested.


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