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It is our philosophy that all families deserve to feel well rested. If you long for sleep and want to gift your child with the lifelong skill of sleeping independently while also improving or maintaining connection, we are here for you. We are proud to offer sleep programs that are customized to meet the unique needs of your family with solutions you can feel good about.

When our work together has come to an end, we want you to feel confident, empowered, proud of your child's sleep abilities, and well rested.

walking alongside families

on behalf of their sleep


Erin is a certified pediatric sleep consultant, a licensed marriage & family therapist, and founder of The Well Rested, a pediatric sleep consulting business that helps families become well rested by providing the necessary tools for independent sleep while maintaining healthy attachment.


From an early age, Erin developed a passion to help families which led her to a career as a family therapist. While working as a therapist, she quickly noticed that poor sleep was at the root of many of her client's challenges. When she became a mom and recovered from postpartum depression with sleep deprivation, she knew that she wanted to help more families become rested, healthy, and happy. Erin received her certification from the Center for Pediatric Sleep Management in order to change the lives of more families by providing them with the right tools and compassion needed to become well rested. 


Working with Erin means you will have a fellow parent and a caring expert by your side who understands not only the science and value of sleep but also child development and attachment. You will have a great listener close at hand who will provide you with custom solutions for long-term success. You will have a guide and a friend to walk alongside you during the challenging times and to celebrate with you during your successes. 

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two-week sleep consultation

investment: $625

Children this age, are great at testing boundaries - it is what they are supposed to do. They are learning and growing rapidly. While this is exciting to watch, this growth can have an impact on sleep. We will work closely together for 2 weeks to overcome sleep challenges and to help your cutie get enough quality sleep while also helping your child gain confidence in their sleep abilities.


love from well rested families

Working with Erin was a fantastic experience. She was incredibly understanding and available to help consult with the many questions I had as we underwent sleep training for my 5 mo. old. She listened carefully to his history and came back with an incredibly thorough sleep plan for my son, and also provided multiple options for how we can approach sleep training depending on my comfort levels with crying. She was always very responsive and communicative and had so many great ideas and suggestions for how we can make modifications to his sleep schedule. At the end of our engagement, she also provided a list of FAQs that covered a lot of my future questions like what to do when he starts teething or gets sick. Our son went from being incredibly needy for naps and overnight sleep to being able to put himself down and self-soothe. Erin's help was an absolute game changer for our family!

- Kim

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